Printable Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner – Floral


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A Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool Planner.

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Printable Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner – Floral

Printable Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner – Floral. A homeschool planner for the Charlotte Mason homeschooler.

This is a pdf download. You will not receive a physical copy in the mail.

What’s inside the planner?

Beautiful floral planner cover.

Important Info

A place for phone numbers and emergency contacts.

Charlotte Mason Motto

I am, I can, I ought, I will.

Habit Training Planner

Put down all of your plans for habit training. Write your list of habits to work on in the left column. Then record what resources you will use for each habit. ( Books, websites, copywork, etc. Such as: Laying down the Rails: A Charlotte Mason Habits Handbook) Set family goals or print out one copy per child.

Yearly Overview

A place to set your monthly goals.

January-December Calendars

Calendars are not dated. They can be reused each year. Just print a new set.

Weekly Assignments (5-day layout)


Curriculum overview

Keep track of what curriculum you are using for the year.

List for Other Resources

Keep track of what websites you are using. Along with passwords.

Reading log

A place to log read-aloud books, personal reads, and student readers.

Attendance Record (36 weeks)

The attendance record is set up for a full 36 week school year.

Handicraft planner

Record your handicraft ideas for each term.

Nature Study Planner

A place to lay out your plans for Nature Study.

Artist/ Picture Study Planner

Artist/Picture Study planner is for recording your plans for artist studies and picture study each 12-week term.

Composer/ Music Study Planner

The composer/music study planner is the same concept as the artist/picture study planner. Laid out in 3 terms. 12-weeks each. Keep track of which composer you will study each term.

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Printable Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner

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