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Looking into sequential spelling? This is my honest review & why we love this curriculum for spelling. We’ve used several spelling curriculums throughout the years, and it just left us feeling defeated. That was not the case with Sequential Spelling.

First I will say this is not a sponsored post. I’m just a girl who found a great, affordable spelling curriculum that works for her family.

sequential spelling for homeschoolers

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Sequential Spelling Honest Review & Why We Love It

My son has what we suspect to be dyslexia. He was never tested formally for it, but he has most of the markers for it. We’ve tested him online via various dyslexia testing programs & I’ve spoken informally to a few specialists.

So, with the informal diagnosis of dyslexia, he has had many challenges when it comes to the Language Arts area of homeschooling.

Learning to read was a massive challenge in itself. We started early (maybe too early) & we ended up frustrated and in tears almost every day. My daughter who is a year younger flew through her reading program and was reading at 3 years old.

Of course, the comparison bug plagued me. I didn’t understand why my son couldn’t grasp what my younger daughter could. It took us 4 or 5 years of homeschooling to finally realize what was going on.

I felt so bad… After putting my son through 4 years of spelling programs & seeing very minimal progress, I began to research programs that were geared towards those with learning disabilities such as dyslexia & dysgraphia.

That’s when we came across Sequential Spelling.

Sequential Spelling For The Win

Before we ran across Sequential spelling we tried Spelling You See & All About Spelling. Both are great programs, too. However, All About Spelling became too teacher intensive for us as our family grew.

Spelling You See wasn’t working either.

So, once again I set out to find the “perfect” spelling curriculum for us. Someone suggested Sequential Spelling in a Facebook group for homeschooling parents with dyslexic students.

I had seen it a million times before, just never really paid too much attention. This time I started to research it more and more. Turns out many other families with dyslexic learners had found success with Sequential Spelling, too.

So, I bought level 1 teacher’s manual and student books for both of my older kids, and we started as soon as it arrived.

My daughter could’ve succeeded with any program, but it gives her brother more confidence when they work together on the same materials.

I have seen tremendous progress using Sequential Spelling & I would recommend it to anyone & everyone who’s looking for a good spelling curriculum. (and I do!)

Sequential Spelling Honest Review & Why We Love It { Our #1 Pick! } 1Sequential Spelling Honest Review & Why We Love It { Our #1 Pick! } 2


One of the great things about Sequential Spelling is that it is so affordable. You can get the entire set for level 1 on Christan Book for only $20.

The student books are optional so you can just purchase the teacher’s guide if you need to be even more frugal. Although, the student books provide an extra practice worksheet each day.

Levels vs Grades

Sequential Spelling does not go by grade level. If you’re new to the program, start at level one. They build off of words so students learn the spelling patterns. There won’t be lists of words to memorize that are grade-specific & their covers are labeled by level not grade.

How to Use the Curriculum

This is one of the most open and go curriculums I’ve used. You just read off the list of spelling words to the children each day as they write the list down in their books. Then, you write the word on the board & they correct it in their books if they need to.

You don’t move on to a new word until you know everyone has spelled the word correctly marking out the old spelling.

The theory behind this is to get the child to see the correct spelling quickly after he has misspelled the word.

My Recommendations

If you’re child is dyslexic: Definitely give this curriculum a try.

Average Speller: Give it a try.

Great Speller: Still worth a shot or you could try this>> Ditch Your Spelling Curriculum.

What do you have to lose??

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sequential spelling for homeschoolers

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