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Are your kids in a constant battle of sibling rivalry?? (Just mine?) I created this Sibling Challenge pack for those days that they won’t stop fighting.

The great news… it’s free! I want everyone to be able to access this free printable pack to use in those times that you are at wit’s end.

If you want to skip the walk-though, scroll all the way to the bottom to grab your download.

If you want a look at what this challenge is all about, keep reading.

sibling challenge

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Sibling Challenge: Stop the Sibling Rivalry

First, I want to say that this is a fun activity to do with your kids. If you’re looking for a long term & more intensive study or challenge… check out this one. >>> The Sibling Challenge Board Game by Not Consumed & My Brother’s Keeper Bible Study by Not Consumed.

FREE Sibling Challenge: Stop the Sibling Rivalry!! 1

What is inside the Siblings Challenge Pack?

  • Things I like about…. (brother, sister, or fill in the blank.)
  • Activities to do with my brother/sister.
  • 3 Weekly Challenges.
  • Copywork.

Things I like about…

My kids love to do these challenges. It’s easy to say something mean about someone when you’re angry, so this worksheet helps them point out the good instead of the bad.

Activities to do with my brother/sister

This worksheet gives your children the chance to brainstorm fun activities that their siblings will enjoy doing with them.

Weekly Challenges

There are 3 weekly challenges that have prompts & an area to brainstorm how to accomplish the challenge.

Brothers & Sisters Copywork

The copywork is taken from my favorite Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool book by Karen Andreola. >> A Charlotte Mason Companion.

We constantly quote this one to our children. Buddies not enemies!

A Quick look at the challenge:

Grab your free download now>>

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FREE Sibling Challenge: Stop the Sibling Rivalry!! 11

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  1. These look like they’ll be so helpful, thank you! I am currently taking Lynna Sutherland’s Sibling Relationship Lab and it has been so helpful in this area, too!

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