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Simple Chores for Kids By Age…(Because Moms Need Help, too.)

I want to share with you today some simple chores for kids by age. Let’s be real here…no child wants to do chores. Playing and watching TV are always more appealing options. In fact, my kids often balk at the idea of doing chores. But it is essential for them to learn how to be responsible!

chores for kids by age

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Simple Chores for Kids By Age…

Why do we do chores for our kids??

When I was growing up, I had very few chores. They consisted of cleaning my room, dumping out the leftover scraps of food, and cleaning my bathroom with my sister. (It was a pretty small bathroom… and we divided it by 2! So, you get the picture… we didn’t have much work to do.)

My mom did pretty much everything else. So, when I became a mother, I felt like I had to do it all too. I mean… I enjoyed my childhood, and my mother was the best mother anyone could ever ask for..and she still is!

So, let’s fast forward 7 years. I was pregnant with my 4th child and sick as a dog! I was trying to do it all, but I physically couldn’t. Every time I stepped into my kitchen I would throw up… No exaggeration! It was rough. I spent the first 5 or 6 months curled up in bed, on the floor, or on the couch! (That is how we did school! With me literally laying on the floor of the homeschool room.)

That’s when we realized we needed to give the children chores outside of just cleaning their rooms… And we did! It has been the most tremendously helpful thing I have ever decided to do. Now our motto is this: We all live here, we all make messes, and we all help clean them up. Here’s a list of my go-to chores for kids by age!!

(Free Chore Chart at the end!!)

Simple Chores for Kids By Age

Ages 2-4

Two to four-year-olds can be pretty hard-headed. It’s hard to get them to do anything. However, this is the perfect time to start small chores. Here’s what they can do.

Pick up their toys

They should pick up their toys and put them away where they belong each time they play. This will start building a good habit of keeping their room picked up, as well as the rest of the house!

Clean up their place after they eat

All of my children are required to clean up their place after they eat starting around this age. If we are eating on regular plates, they should put them in the sink along with the silverware. Then toss their napkin and other trash.

Honestly, we use paper plates for most of our meals, so they can just toss them into the trash after they eat. When you have a big family dishes can pile up quickly so paper plates are a lifesaver!

Throwing away trash

Have them throw away any trash that they make. They can even go through the house and pick up any trash that they find.

My three-year-old loves to do little chores like this. It makes her feel like a big girl!

Ages 5-9

Clean their rooms

This one is a no brainer. I start very young with my kids, having them pick up their toys when they make a mess. So, by the time they are in this age range, they are used to cleaning up after themselves.

I’m not saying that they always do, because… they don’t. But, they don’t make as big of a deal out of cleaning their room now.

Take out the trash

My 11-year-old has been doing this for the last 4 years. (So he started right in this age range!) He takes the trash out and puts in a new trash bag. He also rolls our trash can out to the street on trash day. Is it his favorite job?? No. But not all chores are meant to be fun and enjoyable.

Now all three of our older kids take turns doing this. They are ages 8-11.

Sweep the floors

Teach your children how to sweep the floor. Get a good broom system with an adjustable handle to make it easier. I have this Norwex Broom/Mop system. It adjusts perfectly for smaller kids, and makes it easy for them to sweep and even mop! It’s worth every penny.

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My three-year-old will sometimes join in on sweeping. Although, she doesn’t really know how to.

Load the dishwasher

A super simple task for kids! We have our children do this every day. They load, unload, and start the dishwasher.

Hand Wash the Dishes

This is a really good skill for them to learn! Not everyone will have a dishwasher! (And my kids love it… Not sure why… But I’ll roll with it!) We get a little assembly line going. One washes, one dries, and the last one puts them away.

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Take the laundry baskets to the laundry room

Everyone has their own laundry basket in their room to prevent clothes from being thrown all over their floor. So, every few days they empty the basket into a larger basket in our laundry room. Or they will put it straight into the washer.

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Put away their own clean clothes

Putting your child in charge of their own clothes gives them a sense of responsibility. I usually do all of the folding and sorting. Then the kids take their own laundry into their rooms and put it away. I have even recently caught my 6 years old reorganizing his drawers whenever it’s laundry day. He takes out all of the clothes, folds them up, and puts them back in his drawers.

Sort and match socks

This one is good for smaller kids! Folding the socks up is a bit trickier, but it can be learned!

Set the table before meals

Enlist your child to help with setting the table before dinner each night. Quick and easy, but very helpful!! Here are a few things that they can do:

  • Get out the utensils.
  • Fill cups with ice and put them on the table.
  • Fold napkins for each person.
  • Set out plates.
  • Put out any condiments, seasonings, or butter that may be needed for the meal.

Just doing a few of these things is a great help to mom!

Wipe down the table after meals

After dinner have your child wipe the table clean, and then dry it. Or divide the washing and wiping dry between two kids.

Ages 10+

Kids at this age can do all the previous chores that I listed plus the ones that I’ve added below.

Load the washer/dryer

This is a good time to teach them how to do the laundry from start to finish.

Mow the lawn

Preteens/Teens can start learning how to mow the lawn. (First, you’ll want to teach them lawn mower safety.)

Other Yard Work

Pulling weeds, picking up the yard, weed eating, and just about anything outside can be taken care of by older kids.

Cleaning out vehicles

Whether it’s their vehicle or yours, cleaning out the car is a good option for older kids, too.

Your Turn! What chores do your children do??

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