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The Good and The Beautiful Level 5

For Language Arts, we are using The Good and The Beautiful level 5This year I gave my older kids a few options for their curriculum, and this is what they chose.

I think what drew them to the curriculum was the art that was incorporated throughout. My kids love anything to do with drawing or painting.

A bonus has been the selection of good literature that is definitely twaddle-free! Our most recent read was The Hour Book by Evaleen Stein. We really enjoyed it.

The Good and The Beautiful Level 5

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Read more on twaddle free books here.

What’s included?

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Vocabulary
  • Literature
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Poetry Recitation

The fact that it has so many subjects wrapped up into one book is awesome. I like that I don’t have to have separate books. And it is filled with Charlotte Mason inspired goodness!

We were planning on using a separate Spelling curriculum for my son, but after trying out the sentence dictation in the program, I think we are going to stick to that.

Check out this video for a look inside The Good and The Beautiful Level 5:

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A look inside The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts Level 5

Are you using or planning to use The Good and The Beautiful?

The Good and The Beautiful Level 5

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3 Comments on The Good and The Beautiful Level 5

  1. Have you used the level 5 now or are you just getting started? How is the content?
    We’ve done primer through half of Level 4 and I LOVE TGTB. My only qualm is that I wish it was actually more “Christian”. They’ve been so careful to not put anything that would be “offensive” to other religions that I don’t know that it could really be called a Christian curriculum. We started homeschooling with Christian Light Education and I really like all their stories and character lessons where as in level 4 TGTB I wasn’t impressed. Im just trying to decide if I should switch to something else or just keep up with TGTB and maybe sub the books?
    Do you use a Bible Curriculum with TGTB?

    • We used level 5 last year. We’ve done Primer, K, 1, 2 & 5. I agree with you about it needing to be more Christian. We really missed having Bible scripture incorporated into our curriculum & those stories with Christian values. Which is one reason we chose to take a break & try something else this year. My kids needed to focus on writing so we went with Writing Strands & we get to choose what literature they read.

      Level 5 had good classic literature & the stories are very wholesome, but there is definitely a religious aspect missing. I would love to see them add more scripture & biblical based stories.

    • As far as Bible curriculum goes, last year we read out of the Bible daily. This year I bought the 10 Minute Bible Journey for my older kids & 101 Bible Stories for my kids along with using Masterbooks for Language Arts.

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