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I’ve been adjusting to a Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle over the last month. Here’s how it’s going.

My First Month With Trim Healthy Mama 1

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My First Month With Trim Healthy Mama

A few years ago I tried a low carb, keto-ish diet. It worked wonders for weight loss. I lost 25lbs in a flash. However, I’m horrible at diets so I eventually went back to my old habits & ditched the 33 carbs or less per day.

It caused me to gain all my weight back. Plus unexplained hives for nearly a year.

Flash forward to January 2020. I got sick with a stomach bug I never felt like I was getting better. The stomach virus part was over, but I was weak & tired.

I would get bad dizzy spells & my body ached all over. It was nearly a month before I got a diagnosis from my doctor. I had Mono! (The doctor assumed it was reactivated by my illness/stress.)

I didn’t even know a 30 year old could get mono.

She gave me 4-6 weeks from diagnosis for recovery. As you may know, there’s no treatment for mono.

4-6 weeks later… I was still sick! I was sick for a total of 15 weeks or more! ( I still get set back days where I feel like a semi ran me over.)

Gluten, Sugar, & EBV

I had read many places that gluten & sugar are your enemy when trying to recover from an EBV infection of any kind.

So, whenever I started having nerve pain throughout my body & there looked like no end in sight, I had to try something. I was beyond desperate. I would cry & cry some nights.

To top it all off, my doctor found several nodules on my thyroid. The thyroid biopsy came back normal. (Thank the Lord!) But when reading up on thyroid nodules, I found something interesting… gluten is not friendly with your thyroid.

Finally a friend told me how she did a gluten free Trim Healthy Mama diet. I said, “Ok, God, I hear you!” & I jumped right in.

That night I purchased the Trim Healthy Mama book.

I’ve been on a super low gluten Trim Healthy Mama diet. Most days I have no gluten whatsoever. I can’t wait to share my results with you after just a little over a month.

THM/Gluten Free -ish Results

I’m down 21lbs.

This was just a bonus for me. I did want to lose a little bit of weight, but my health was my #1 priority at the time. But I’m excited that I’m reaching some weight loss goals in the process!

My stomach issues are nearly gone.

I had so many stomach issues after mono. That’s something they don’t mention at the doctor’s office. I felt like my entire digestive system had slowed down, and my heartburn issues intensified. But, after implementing a THM & low gluten diet, I saw a big improvement.

On days that I have more gluten, I feel terrible. My stomach is distended & bloated… it’s no fun.

I am finally feeling back to normal again

After months & months of suffering with mono & EBV symptoms, I hardly knew what normal felt like. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to be well again.

When I started feeling better, I was beyond grateful for it!

As for my thyroid, I won’t know anything for a few more months.

THM rocks

I’m glad I found Trim Healthy Mama. It’s an achievable lifestyle. They like to call it “food freedom” & it really is!

I don’t ever feel starved. I feel like I can eat pretty much whatever I want. After a while, you don’t crave the sweets or breads. Your body craves health!

Learn more about Trim Healthy Mama on their website:

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