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Looking for a winter nature study guide? I’ve put together a complete guide to Winter Nature Study. I hope you find this useful in your Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool!

Grab the Winter Nature Study Guide Pack right here for FREE!

There are more FREE printables throughout this post!

You can use the nature study pack & this guide to spark your creativity when doing nature study during the winter season. Bundle up and get outdoors as much as you can!

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Alright, let’s get started.

Ultimate Winter Nature Study Guide

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Ultimate Winter Nature Study Guide

Animals to Study During Winter

(Check out our Forest Nature Study Journal. It has most of the animals listed below.)

  • Bears
  • Foxes
  • Squirrel
  • Reindeer
  • Bats
  • Snowy Owl
  • Raccoon
  • Hare

Free Animal Tracks Printable: Identify The Winter Animal Tracks

winter animal tracks

Scavenger Hunt

The winter nature study packet has a fun scavenger hunt you can do. Get bundled up and head to your back yard or a local park.

or grab this free winter nature scavenger hunt by Passionate Homeschooling.

Bird Feeder

Create your own bird feeder for the winter months.

Tree Study

A simple way to study trees during any season is to draw the same tree once a month and write down any changes.

Goals for winter tree studies:

  • Record Changes in Trees (Look for buds)
  • Bark Rubbings
  • Learn the difference between Evergreens vs. Deciduous Trees

Check this out: Evergreen Tree Printable

Here’s a quick example of what bark rubbings look like if you’ve never done one.


Winter is the perfect time to learn all about hibernation! Discuss what it means to hibernate, and make a list of which animals hibernate through the winter.

You could also use this Hibernation Mini Nature Study Unit.

Weather Calendar

You can use any calendar you’d like for this activity. Or… The Winter Nature Study Pack download at the beginning of this post has a calendar for recording the weather each day.

Catching Snowflakes

Use a dark or black cloth to catch and observe snowflakes when it snows.

Winter Book Ideas

Handbook of Nature Study

Handbook of Nature Study is a classic nature study book that everyone needs on their bookshelves! You can use it throughout the entire year.

Nature Anatomy

Nature Anatomy is another one of my favorite Nature guides. It has gorgeous hand-drawn and painted graphics throughout. If you don’t have it already, get it! (Check out our FREE Nature Study with Nature Anatomy journaling pages.)

Discover Nature in Winter

This book is full of great ideas for Winter nature studies.

Winter Tree Finder

Winter Tree Finder is a good book for identifying deciduous trees in the winter.

Backyard Birds of Winter

Backyard Birds of Winter will go great with your Winter bird studies.

Snow Crystals

Beautiful up close pictures and images of snowflakes!

Winter Art

This is a really good tutorial for painting a winter tree. Simple and easy for any age to follow.

Idea: Practice painting a winter tree with the video below, then go outside and try to paint a tree in nature with what you’ve learned.

A Few More Winter Nature Studies to Check Out

I looked around for some good printable nature study units for Winter, and I came up with some really good ones you can use during your studies. Some of the units are free, and some are not. Each nature study listed is really good quality and worth the very small cost in my opinion.

A Winter Nature Study by Holistic Homeschooler

Free Nature in Your Notebook Winter Printables by Our Westward Journey

Winter Weather Mini Nature Study Pack – Homeschool Printable Charlotte Mason

Winter Night Sky Mini Nature Unit

Birds of Winter Mini Nature Study

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Ultimate Winter Nature Study Guide

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