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Finding a great Vincent Van Gogh Artist study has never been easier. I’ve put together a straight forward 12 week study of Van Gogh & his paintings.

Why only 12 weeks?

Charlotte Mason suggests studying one artist per term. One school-term is equal to 12 weeks. So, you would be studying 3 artists per year.

If you’re interested in more Artist Studies for the school year, you can find them here. >>>

Vincent Van Gogh Artist Study

You will find the information I’ve listed below in the artist study packet as well. (Even the links to the biography videos.)

Vincent Van Gogh Artist Study (Free)

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Watch this video biography:

Older students may choose to read this one:

Books about Vincent Van Gogh:

Vincent’s Colors by Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh (Revised Edition) (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists)

Portrait of an Artist: Vincent van Gogh: Discover the Artist Behind the Masterpieces

There are many other books available on Van Gogh. You can find these and many others at your local library.

Remember: Books that aren’t geared towards kids may contain nudity. You may want to pre-scan these books before you purchase or check them out.

Grab the download here:

Vincent Van Gogh Artist Study (Free)

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Vincent Van Gogh Artist Study (Free)

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