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Looking for Youtube Science Channels for your homeschoolers? Check out these top 10 best science channels for kids grades K- 8th.

This week I’m focusing in on YouTube and how to use it in your homeschool. I love finding fun free resources for my kids to use in our homeschool, and YouTube is one of the best resources.

Using YouTube can help you see things that you may not get to see otherwise. For example, we did a unit on Volcanoes a few weeks ago. We were able to watch videos of volcanoes erupting and lava flowing up close. (Something we’d never be able to see in person!)

Today, I have a round up of some really great YouTube Science Channels that I hope will benefit your homeschool.

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10 Best Youtube Science Channels for Kids

10 Best YouTube Science Channels for Kids

Below I’ve listed each of the channels and an example video from the channel so you can get a feel for what the channel has to offer. Most of these channels have a wide variety of science videos, but there are a few that are more narrow. (Wild Kratts & Brave Wilderness: mainly animals & bugs, NASA: all things space.)

Wild Kratts

National Geographic

National Geographic Kids

SciShow Kids

Brave Wilderness

(This is a favorite in our house. My kids all love this channel from ages 4-12.)

Science Bob

Best of Science

Bill Nye

(Note: Bill Nye is a secular scientist who teaches evolution.)


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